Maintain The Health of Solar Panel with Sentenance Cloud Platform

The most robust solution to maintain energy production rate of your solar system.

Sentenance IoT Introducing 4G Solar Panel Health Monitoring Solution. This will help you monitor healthiness of your solar system and maximize its energy production rate.

Surface Temperature Monitoring – The paste type temperature tensor adopts high precision platinum resistance (PT100) as the sensing component. It is with high accuracy, good stability. It is compact, easy-to-install, with good linearity, strong load capacity, long transmission distance and good anti-interference ability.

Radiation Monitoring – Mainly used for measuring solar radiation within 300-1100 nm wavelength. If the sensing face is downwards, it can test the reflected radiation on the incident to the inclined plane. If shad is added, it can test the scattered radiation.

Dust Level Monitoring – Our dust monitoring system perfectly solves the problem that the user is difficult to monitor the dust of solar panels. The dust monitoring system of photovoltaic station measures and calculates the surface cleanliness, which shows that the cleanliness decreases all the way from 100% to 0%.

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