Sentenance Platform

Sentenance Platform is an all-in-one IoT and Facility Management platform. The platform serves as a control and storage center for all your sensors. This processes and stores sensor data and allows you to create actions such as alerts, and work orders. The system is scalable from single sensor, one-site applications through multi-site enterprises with 200+ of sensor types combined in one system.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Sentenance platform offers a very comprehensive dashboard. This shows an overview of your account especially including active sensors, active gateways, and alerts. You also can find the entire list of your sensors here.

Custom Report

Custom Report provides you with all important reports for each of your sensors. You can download, email, or schedule your reports the way you want. This will help you access your sensor data in one click.

3D map monitoring

Sentenance platform allows users to add unlimited maps to locate their sensors. The map presents a real-time status of the sensors so that you can quickly grasp an overall performance of your facility.

Data Viewing

Data from sensors stored in Sentenance platform can be shown in both a graphical view and list view. In addition, you are able to plot data from multiple sensors in one graph.

Ai Integration & camera

Sentenance platform can integrate with many camera systems in the market. This helps you to find what actually happens on site. You can also apply our AI engine to analyze the real-time streaming to achieve the next level of your facility management.

Work Order

Sentenance platform is a market leader in regard to condition-based maintenance. When using Sentenance, you do not need to switch to another platform to conduct facility management. We provide you with a robust work order management tool here.

Smart alerting system

Our alerting system serves as an unprecedented condition-based maintenance IF/THEN feature. You can create multiple conditions (IF) and tie with different actions (THEN). This aims to fill the gaps in facility management for example where you need a confirmation from multiple sensors to trigger various maintenance activities at the same time.

Location Management

Sentenance allow you to location for your sensors. You can manage sensors at the right location.

Permission Management

You can control access of users in an activity level when using Sentenance. Our permissions cover all activities such as adding sensors, removing sensors, creating work orders, etc. The platform allows you to create different roles and assign to different users.

Work Form Creator

Our form creator enables you to create any form to use in your work order and preventive maintenance management. We provide a variety of options to create such forms including checklist, dropdown, attached file, signature, etc. Unlike other platforms, a form in Sentenance can be equipped with multiple columns.