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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a proactive maintenance that uses data analysis tools and techniques to detect anomalies in your operation and possible defects in equipment and processes so you can fix them before they result in failure. Predictive maintenance evaluates the condition of equipment by performing periodic or continuous equipment condition monitoring. This maintenance strategy leverages the principles of statistical process control to determine when maintenance tasks will be needed in the future. Research suggests that predictive maintenance could reduce the costs of factory equipment by up to 40 per cent, while reducing downtime by up to 50 per cent.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI Machine Learning to facilitate predictive maintenance. Sentenance enables more efficient use of existing assets by providing the ability to predict machine failures and reduce maintenance issues. Sentenance is also embedded with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) so it can help identify the causes of delays, whether they’re internal or external, and help set up processes to address these causes. Sentenance provides both devices and platform to help you achieve predictive maintenance in one place. We offer a full set of sensors to collect data from fields, and our solutions cover many industrial problems.

Sentenance Predictive Maintenance Solution

Sentenance’s machine learning is capable of determining when a machine will breakdown. Sentenance can provide sets of sensors to collect data and conduct analytics with machine learning to notify engineers when machine maintenance is required. Sentenance also provides an alert of impending failure. Sentenance Predictive Maintenance solution can help detect anomalies and carry out a root cause analysis, preventing production delays and equipment failures.

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Smart Factory and Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing allows a facility management team to automatically collect and analyze data to make more informed decisions, conduct more effective maintenance, and optimize production. The data from sensors and machines are communicated to the cloud by IoT connectivity solutions deployed at the factory level. IoT technology, leveraging both wired and wireless connectivity, enables this flow of data and provides the ability to monitor and manage processes remotely and real-time, and change production plans quickly when needed.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI for smart factory. Sentenance serves as a traditional automation replacement. Sentenance can provide a constant stream of data from connected operations and production systems to learn and adapt to new demands. In traditional automation, decisions regarding factory automation are based on a linear and rule-based approach, and this does not work well with complex situations and decisions. Through the applications of our AI features in Sentenance, it is possible to combine physical machines and business processes to govern more complex and sophisticated automation and optimization decisions.

Sentenance Smart Factory and Manufacturing

Sentenance can provide an end-to-end solution to smart factory and manufacturing. Sentenance offers not only our own sensors for new installation but also devices to bridge between existing sensors and Sentenance cloud. In addition, with a full range of 200+ sensor types, you can choose any combinations of sensors to your scope of smart factory. Sentenance Smart Factory solution coverage ranges from a small projects such as environmental.

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Employee Productivity

Employee productivity plays an important role in operation management in the manufacturing industry. In other words, employee productivity is critical for the success of any manufacturing companies. It is undeniable that manufacturers need the role of technology to help them run their business processes. This has proven to be able to increase employee productivity significantly. IoT is good choice to help achieve this. In general, IoT increases possibilities for remote working, automation, and fine-tuning day-to-day operations. In addition, IoT especially indoor tracking technology can help track where the employees are, check their , monitor their safety status, etc.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI for employee productivity improvement. Sentenance will help connect all your employees with how you measure their productivity. Sentenance provides two main technologies to help track employee productivity. This includes indoor tracking and AI  camera. The system can help determine location of the employees, walking route, count a number of the employees within a specific area, etc. Our dashboard will show such data real-time. This also comes with a smart alert to notify you for example when your employees are not the zones they suppose to present, or when the zone is short of employees/operators.

Smart Employee Productivity Improvement

Sentenance offers two technologies to help you track your employee productivity. The first one is indoor tracking technology. We provide a tracking tag in the forms of card and wristband to the employees to keep when working. A tracking node will be then placed at the location you want to find their location. When the employees enter into that area, the system will be able to detect their presence and count a total number of the employees there. With the products that they produce, you can measure their productivity over time.

The second technology is AI camera. Our AI camera can count people within a geozone frame. What you need to do is to draw a frame in the AI camera setting to cover the zone you plan to measure employee productivity. The system will then count how many employees are in the zone over time and you can then start calculating the employee productivity from there.

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Smart Safety

Industrial safety refers to the management of all operations and events within an industry in order to protect its employees and assets by minimizing hazards, risks, accidents, and near misses. every manufacturer needs to create a safe workplace for employees. Research shows that the real-time data collection and reporting functions of IoT can reduce more than thousands of occupational injuries in the manufacturing sector every year.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI features to facility safety management improvement. Sentenance provides not only the sensor devices but also platform to achieve the highest safety level in one place. Our solution covers a variety of safety dimensions particularly machine alert, worker health, fire safety, rescue operation, and indoor air quality. What makes Sentenance stands out from others is that the system is embedded with a smart alerting engine allowing users to receive real-time notifications when potential safety concerns arise.

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Machine Alert

Sentenance can provide a variety set of sensors to measure machine performance. Our sensors will collect the data on the working condition of machines. If any machine is likely to breakdown or function inappropriately in a way that can pose a threat to employees, the information will be sent to technical inspectors directly. The officers can take immediate measures, saving a lot of lives.

Employee Health Monitoring

Sentenance helps track real-time employee health through our wearables. These come with sensors that can track temperature changes, humidity levels, harmful gases, and also noise levels. Wearables also can gauge health parameters of workers like blood pressure variations, stress levels, and other data related to their well-being. Data on early signs of health problems can be sent to the health and safety managers where appropriate precautionary measures can then be taken. This way, the safety of employees can be assured.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is one of most important dimensions in employee safety management. Sentenance offers innovative technologies such as smoke detection sensor and AI camera to detect fire and smoke in a real-time basis. The system can also be integrated with an alarm connected with an evacuation team.

Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality posses an adverse impact on health of employees. Specifically, this can potentially contribute to a rise in occupational asthma and other respiratory disorders, chemical sensitivity and allergies, etc. Sentenance can help measure air quality on your manufacturing spaces real-time, including the level of CO, CO2, PM2.5, etc. In addition, you can install our sensors to collect the data from the working site in real-time to help a rescue team to strategize and conduct rescue and recovery operations on time.

Smart Lighting Control

Smart lighting is a lighting technology designed for energy efficiency, convenience and security. Most manufacturers nowadays are looking for smart lighting. IoT can facilitate smart lighting to a great extent. IoT smart lighting uses wireless switches, eliminating the need to wire light switches directly to fixtures. These sensors will then connect with the software serving as a key component in offering a lighting control solution. Several studies report that manufacturers save a significant expense from using the IoT smart lighting control.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI features to facilitate intelligent lighting control. Software-enabled lighting controls, enabled by the smart lighting and Internet of Things (IoT) evolution, will be a game-changer in the world of lighting and will ultimately transform the industry.

Sentenance offers a great connectivity between your lightings and our lighting management dashboard through several types of wireless sensors; relay sensor, motion sensor, power meter sensor, etc. Our wireless technology offers more features, flexibility, and simplicity for a fraction of the price and requires substantially less infrastructure and skilled labor to install.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Sentenance can monitor and control lightings in one platform with a powerful dashboard. Importantly, our system can control and monitor energy consumption of lightings in multi-locations so that you can control your lightings located anywhere.

Schedule On/Off

With Sentenance, you can create your own settings to schedule on/off your lightings to improve energy saving. This will save you a significant time from switching your thousands of lightings on and off manually.

Smart Alerts

Sentenance allows you to set rule-based conditions to trigger commands to control your lightings and alerts. In addition, you can also integrate Sentenance with many sensors such as light (LUX) sensor, motion sensor and so on to achieve even better lighting control and energy saving at the same time.

Smart Wastewater Management

Wastewater management system is an important part of a manufacturing company to prevent environmental harm, damage to human health, and comply with regulations. Wastewater management can be enhanced via the use of IoT. The technology will help manufacturers to reduce risks that may exist in sewer networks, water distribution networks, as well as wastewater treatment plants. IoT forms a network of physical objects by using various sensors as endpoints, enabling distant monitoring on a large scale. In a wastewater management system, this network allows the concerned authorities to closely monitor different operations in the wastewater treatment plant.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI features to facilitate smart wastewater management. Sentenance offers a complete set of sensors to measure wastewater quality such as DO, turbidity, pH, water level, water leak, electro-magnetic flowmeter sensor, etc to support management of wastewater system. Users can monitor the wastewater-related parameters real-time through Sentenance dashboard and receive alerts when the wastewater quality exceeds the thresholds. In addition, users can apply the data for future automation and analytics.

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Harmful Chemical Detection

Sentenance can provide specific sensors to measure harmful chemical dissolved in wastewater. This will help you detect the presence of these detrimental ingredients in the water real-time. Our water quality sensors include Dissolved Oxygen (DO), turbidity, BOD, COD, Chlorine, etc.

Equipment Monitoring

A wastewater treatment facility is required to operate for 24/7 in order to meet the regulations. To make sure that the treatment never stops and avoid a sudden breakdown, equipment and machines in the treatment plant must be properly maintained. Sentenance will give you the IoT enabled data from all the machines to help you monitor them real-time. Using Sentenance solution, performance characteristics of the machines can be monitored that further increase the productivity of equipment and boost maintenance tasks.

Smart Forklift

Forklift monitoring system protects your valuable assets such as goods and infrastructure in a warehouse setting in a cost-efficient manner. Sentenance Forklift monitoring solution enables you to track the real usage of your lift trucks through a remote connection. It provides you with an online view and reports that illustrate the actual use of your lift trucks, making it a great tool for scheduling your lift truck fleet’s maintenance actions and consequently improving the fleet’s uptime.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and indoor tracking. Sentenance solutions offer various types of sensors and Bluetooth Beacon technology to track forklift operation. Our technology comes with high energy efficiency and accuracy. This works independently of the network, and easy to install.

Smart Forklift Solution

Sentenance is expert in IoT and indoor tracking technology. Our technology includes many types of sensors and positioning tags. Sensors will monitor all necessaries parameters from the forklifts and the positioning tags will point the location of the forklifts.

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