Sentenance received a Pre-Series A funding to further develop IoT platform

Sentenance, a leading IoT total solution provider in Thailand, has just received a Pre-Series A funding to support development of Sentenance platform and Sentenance IoT devices. This is the first IoT deep tech funding received by a startup in Thailand. Sentenance aims to revolutionize management of all types of residential and industrial facilities, for example construction sites, condominiums, hospitals, warehouses, manufacturing plants, etc. Sentenance solutions are wireless, and users can access Sentenance anytime and anywhere towards energy saving, cost saving, and productivity enhancement. The most customizable IoT solutions Users can design and customize IoT solutions to fit their requirements. Sentenance provides a node device that allows users to integrate with their own combination of sensors available, from temperature, humidity, water level, machine vibration, pressure meter, power meter to lighting. One node, infinite possibilities. Machine to Machine (M2M) Sustenance is one of a very few solutions in the industry facilitating M2M. Sustenance will store millions of data and provide connectivity services between machines ranging from residential machines such as air conditioners, lightings, etc to industrial machines such as pumps, heat exchangers, chillers, and so on. Condition-Based Maintenance Sentenance is equipped with the most powerful condition-based maintenance management feature where users can set up multiple sensor alerts and associate these alerts with conditions such as creating email notifications or sending work orders to a maintenance technician or machine vendors to take appropriate actions. This helps achieve a seamless communication between machines and humans. It is expected that trillions new IoT devices will be deployed by 2035. Sentenance shows the promise of this disruption with more than current 100 enterprise clients from both domestics and overseas. By 2021, Sentenance plans to expand its business to fast-growing countries in Asia including China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam together with some other developed countries such as USA and Australia.

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