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Sensor Node

WIFI Sensor Node for Unlimited Application. With over 200 different sensor types and more developed all the time, there is no limit for monitoring. You can design your own devices with unlimited integration to our sensor node technology.

Product NameProduct CodeSpecification
Sensor Node WiFi RS485 & DIST-ND-WF-003Detail
Sensor Node WiFi DI & DOST-ND-WF-004Detail
Sensor Node WiFi DI & AIST-ND-WF-005Detail
Sensor Node Lorawan RS485 & DIST-ND-LW-008Coming Soon
Sensor Node Lorawan DI & DOST-ND-LW-009Coming Soon
Sensor Node Lorawan DI & AIST-ND-LW-010Coming Soon
Sensor Node 4G RS485 & DIST-ND-4G-003Coming Soon
Sensor Node 4G DI & DOST-ND-4G-004Coming Soon
Sensor Node 4G DI & AIST-ND-4G-005Coming Soon