Indoor Tracking In Facility Management

Facility management nowadays is faced with enormous challenges to ensure the best infrastructure performance and services in, for example, airports, large office buildings, hospital complexes, or industries. Visibility in facility management through geolocation therefore appears to play an important role here and, undoubtedly, this is a big challenge in which our indoor location system can help



Briefly, facility management relates to the organization of the infrastructure and space as well as the staff coordination.  The goal is to ultimately “guarantee the safety, comfort, productivity, and sustainability of those places in which people work, play, study, or live in.”

As facilities become larger and intelligent, their management has become more and more complex. This is why an Sentenance Indoor Tracking Solution comes in place. Sentenance Indoor Tracking Solution applying BLE Beacon technology will facilitate you to manage indoor positioning system that integrates indoor navigation with monitorization of workforces. Sentenance solution offers a variety of tags and nodes to serve every type of indoor tracking application in facility management. Sentenance is also equipped a very powerful dashboard communicating the most important information for the users.

Sentenance Indoor Tracking Solution will allow more coordinating in the use of space and staff organization, and promote a clear vision of the space and critical data. Importantly, Sentenance Indoor Tracking Solution will help tackle the many challenges that indoor space management poses without adding complexity to it.