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Building Diagnostics

Building diagnostics is the process of determining the causes and solutions to problems in buildings. Buildings often do not perform as designed. Failures of building components and systems can impact the functional performance, cause damage, increase costs and create hazardous conditions or unhealthy environments. The general steps to conduct a building diagnostics are: collect data, identify the problem, define solutions, implement repairs, and verify results. Studies suggest that IoT technology will play an important to facilitate building diagnostics.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI to facilitate real-time building diagnostics. Sentenance provides the AI enabled IoT platform with the main aim to redefine the way you manage your facilities. We have both hardware (sensors, nodes, and gateway), and platform. Sentenance will help speed up the building diagnostics process so that users will get to know the problems and take appropriate actions in a timely fashion.

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Water Pump Fault Detection

Sentenance is able to identify an early warning before a pump default using the data from our Amp meter, water leak, surface temperature and vibration sensors.

Elevator Breakdown

Sentenance processes data from the vibration and Amp meter sensors installed at a motor of an elevator to find a pattern and suggests when a maintenance team needs to change any parts.

Air Conditioner Malfunction

Sentenance helps avoid an air conditioner malfunction in several ways. We analyze the data collect from an AC controller, Amp meter, and temperature sensor to design an appropriate preventive maintenance.

Smart Building

A smart building is the one that applies technology to enable efficient and economical use of resources, while creating a safe and comfortable environment for occupants. A supply chain of smart building starts from smart design, construction, and all the way to operation and demolition. With this, smart building involves a variety of technologies to improve each part of the supply chain of smart building. Off course, IoT facilitates smart building. This helps monitor various building characteristics, analyze the data, and generate insights around usage patterns and trends that can be used to optimize the building’s environment and operations.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI to provide a greater control over your building. Sentenance offers the AI enabled IoT platform with the main aim to redefine the way you manage your facilities. We have both hardware (sensors, nodes, and gateway), and platform. Sentenance will help connect building operations, simplify tasks such as controlling building temperature, security and maintenance through Sentenance platform and mobile application.

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Smart SCADA and BAS Integration

Sentenance can be integrated with any kind of building automation system especially SCADA, BAS or even PLC so this allows Sentenance to integrate all the data that these systems operate with Sentenance cloud platform for more effective data analysis and facility management.

Smart Restroom

Sentenance can help monitor the usage of restrooms in terms of number of visitors, consumption of toilet paper, detergents, etc. Sentenance is also embedded with a smart alert to trigger a work order or inform relevant officers to take care of the facilities in a more real-time manner.

Smart Lighting Control

Most energy consumption in a building is generated from a lighting system. Our solution includes a Sentenance Lighting Control and Sentenance platform that can help control the lighting system online, measure energy consumption and schedule on-off with a smart alerting system.

Smart Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning System is crucial to run a building and this usually consumes much maintenance time. Sentenance nodes and sensors can collect all important parameters from Air Conditioners. Users can view the dashboard in the platform to monitor performance of each Air Conditioners with the ability to control them.

Smart Wastewater Management

Sentenance provides the sensors to monitor performance of a wastewater management system. This includes DO, Turbidity, pH, etc. A facility management teamcan make use of Sentenance dashboard and alerting system to operate the system in a more effective manner.

Smart Pool Management

IoT technology will change the way a water pool is maintained. Sentenance offers Chlorine sensor, water flow sensor, water pressure, pump vibration, etc to check performance of your pool real-time. You also can set up an alert to notify you when the water quality exceeds the thresholds.

Smart Weather Station

Air pollution control becomes more important in most cities nowsdays. Sentenance provides the most comprehensive weather station that allows users to choose and integrate any air/environmental parameters into the station including PM2.5, rain gauge, noise, VOC, CO, Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide, etc. Sentenance Dashboard will then stream a real-time level of such parameters for users to take appropriate actions.

Smart Workplace Management

Effective workplace management is to support employees to work efficiently and safely. This is part of key success to all organizations. Sentenance can help track employees in the office, find where they are, determine how many seats available in your office, how many toilets are available, etc. This will help ensure that your workplace is smart and safe.

Smart Workplace Management

A smart workplace is key for a better employee and customer experience. Smart workplace is geared towards improving collaboration, increasing productivity for workforces and providing employee wellness and safety. To achieve smart workplace, smart devices come into a picture in order to collate, adapt and convey information about objects and environment, making the monitoring process seamless and self-governed.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI to connect and engage employees with their workplace. Sentenance serves as a central command center to achieve workplace strategy. Our solution ranges from temperature monitoring, safety monitoring, people counting, seat occupation monitoring, lighting control, etc. All the data collected will be processed through our AI analytics module to take your traditional workplace to the next level.

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Employee Indoor Positioning

Indoor position is a new technology and can be very really useful in smart workplace. Sentenance offers the indoor positioning technology to track where employees or assets are in the office. This facilitates better facility management, safety management, etc.

Seat Occupancy

Many offices now deploy a co-working space strategy to share central spaces between departments and teams. To achieve this strategy, there is a need to know which seat is available and which is not. Sentenance provides the seat occupancy sensor and can show real-time data of the seat occupancy in our dashboard.

Air Quality Management

Air quality affects performance of employees in several ways. Sentenance is expert in air quality monitoring. We offers a number of sensors for measuring indoor air quality including CO, CO2, PM2.5, SO2, NO2 etc. Sentenance is also equipped with a smart alert allowing a facility management team to take action in a timely manner.

Smart Lighting Control

Sentenance offers the ability to manually switch on-off lightings via Sentenance online platform. It also includes scheduling this to ensure that lightings are on or off according to schedule. This will not only help save energy, but also provide more convenience to employees and facility maintenance team.

Smart Air Conditioner (AC)

Air Conditioning operation is crucial to run a building and consumes most maintenance time. The goal of a smart AC system is that it lets occupants control the temperature of their room or workspace, including temperature, humidity, fan speed, etc, to achieve a planned thermal comfort level.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI to connect occupants with ACs real-time. Sentenance offers the best-in-class IoT AC controller that allows occupants to adjust AC temperature, change AC mode, select fan speed, and, importantly, measure energy consumption of AC. Our AC controller has 2 models; one with motion sensor and one without motion sensor. The controller with motion sensor can control AC by switching it on when occupants enter into the room and off when occupants leave the room.

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Smart Safety

Safety in a building is a critical issue and requires high attention from facility management team. There are a number of risks to your safety and health all around you. Research reports tens of thousands of injuries or work-related health problems that office workers suffer each year. Slips and trips are the most common office accident. Others include fire safety, indoor air quality, eye strain and ergonomic injuries.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI features to deliver smart safety in offices. Sentenance provides not only the sensor devices but also platform to achieve the highest safety level. Our solution covers a variety of safety dimensions particularly slips and trips, fire safety, and indoor air quality. What makes Sentenance stands out from others is that the system is embedded with a smart alerting engine allowing users to receive real-time notifications when potential safety concerns arise.

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Slips and trips

Inclement weather conditions can create outdoor slip hazards and indoor hazards. This is especially obvious when wet floors are not cleaned up promptly. Sentenance provides sensor technology such as thermal scan or water detection sensor to detect with the water and moisture on the floor so that a facility management team can manage to clean up all spills and wet floors before accidents happen.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is one of most important dimensions in workplace safety. Sentenance offers innovative technologies such as smoke detection sensor and AI camera to detect fire and smoke in a real-time basis. The system can also directly notify an evacuation team when the fire occurs or smoke reaches its limit.

Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality posses an adverse impact on occupant health. Specifically, this can potentially contribute to a rise in occupational asthma and other respiratory disorders, chemical sensitivity and allergies, etc. Sentenance can help measure air quality on the building real-time, including the level of CO, CO2, PM2.5, etc.

Smart Restroom

Smart restroom solutions aim to help improve hygiene for both restroom users and facility management team. By monitoring supply levels and alerting facility management team when the levels are low, smart technologies, especially IoT, help ensure soap, sanitizer, and towel dispensers are adequately stocked so users can properly wash, dry, and sanitize their hands. This also includes counting a number of the users entering the restroom to allow the facility management team to clean the restroom based on the restroom’s usage.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI features to deliver smart restroom. Sentenance provides not only the sensor devices but also platform to achieve smart restroom in multiple dimensions. Our solution covers a variety of smart restroom applications particularly counting restroom people usage and measuring a level of  towel dispensers, soap, bin, etc. What makes Sentenance differs from others is that the system is embedded with a smart alerting engine allowing a facility management team to receive real-time notifications when the usage of the restroom or the level of consumable products meet their thresholds.

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People counting

Many smart restrooms apply the number of people visiting the restroom to trigger when to clean the restrooms to keep them clean and stay hygienic at all time. Sentenance can provide this solution using our 2-way people ultrasonics counting sensor, door open/close sensor, AI camera, etc to count the people entering into and exiting the restroom real-time.

Level of Soap, Sanitizer, and Towel

Filling up the level of consumable products in the restroom such as soap, sanitizer, and towel on-time is crucial to customer satisfaction level. Sentenance can help achieve this before the consumable products run out using our proximity sensor. The sensor can suggest a level of the products real-time, and Sentenance will send an alert to the facility management team when these levels meet their minimum set points.

Water Use

A main portion of water use in a building is from the restroom so this is worth monitoring closely. Sentenance offers a comprehensive water management system in the restroom. The system includes water flow meter and water leak sensor. The system can also be integrated with existing water sensors installed at the faucet and urinal to measure their water consumption. Sentenance will ensure you that the water is used efficiently at all time.

Hygienic Level

Since Sentenance collects all the data related to the use of the restroom in all dimensions, we can provide an overall hygienic level of each restroom such as % of visitors who do not clean their hands, etc.

Intelligent Lighting Control

Most of the energy consumption in a building is from a lighting system. To convert a traditional lighting system into a smarter one, intelligent lighting control needs to be built into every luminaire. This system will facilitate monitoring and reacting to occupancy with pre-selected light levels and changes in ambient daylight levels. Smart lighting controls offer an effective way to minimize lighting costs, by turning unneeded lights off, or in some cases, dimming lights.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI features to facilitate intelligent lighting control. Sentenance provides not only the lighting control devices but also platform to control a lighting system. Our solution covers measuring energy consumption and schedule on-off lightings with a smart alerting system. Sentenance offers a full set of the lighting control devices ranging from 1 lighting unit to multiple lighting units.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Sentenance can monitor and control lightings in one platform with a powerful dashboard. Importantly, our system can control and monitor energy consumption of lightings in multi-locations so that you can control your lightings located anywhere in your account.

Schedule On/Off

With Sentenance, you can create your own settings to schedule on/off the lightings to improve energy saving. This will save you time from switching hundreds or thousands of your lightings on and off manually.

Smart Alerts

Sentenance allows you to set rule-based conditions to trigger commands to control your lightings and alerts. In addition, you can also integrate Sentenance with many sensors such as light (LUX) sensor, motion sensor and so on to achieve even better lighting control and energy saving at the same time.

Smart Wastewater Management

Wastewater management system is one of the most complex systems in a building when it comes to operation. The system requires a very skillful facility management team to take care of. There are many wastewater parameters that need to be monitored in order to run the system efficiently such as Dissolved Oxygen (DO), turbidity, BOD, COD, etc.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI features to facilitate smart wastewater management. Sentenance offers a complete set of sensors to measure wastewater quality including DO, turbidity, pH, water level, water leak, electro-magnetic flowmeter sensor, etc to support management of wastewater system. Users can monitor the wastewater quality real-time through Sentenance dashboard and receive alerts when the quality exceeds the thresholds.

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Smart Water Pool Management

Water pool requires a regular inspection and chemical fill up. Regular maintenance with cleaning keeps the water clear and inviting. Clean water and balanced water chemistry are the keys to pool maintenance.

The areas that need special maintenance attention include water circular pump, filter, and chlorine tank. Testing the pH and the free available chlorine in the pool water shall be conducted on a weekly basis.

Sentenance AI enabled IoT Platform

Sentenance is an all-in-one solution applying IoT and AI features to facilitate smart water pool management. Sentenance provides a smart solution to track pH and a level of free chlorine in the pool water real-time. The solution includes checking performance of the circular pump with a smart alert to technicians when the pump shows any signs of early warning. Sentenance will help ensure that the pool water is clean and safe for use. In addition, the technicians can apply the data shown in the platform to conduct a smarter pool maintenance.

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