Transforming food industry using IoT

The IoT era is upon us. Every industry is racing to adopt this. The food industry is beginning to see the impact. Food processors have uncovered opportunities for operational and financial growth in their businesses. The IoT adoption facilitate the food industry to become a smarter, more connected supply chain.

1. Improved operational efficiency

Digital IoT and analysis platform technology can help ensure sustainable, profitable growth for the entire supply chain. This platform can provide insight into equipment performance, predictive maintenance needs, and real-time inventory tracking. The platform collects, stores, and analyzes operating data so plants have insight into their operations and can pinpoint inefficiencies.

2.Improved food safety

Compliance with food safety standards is a must in every country. Most food manufacturer has started to adopt a proactive mindset when it comes to food safety. Industry 4.0 and IoT, focused on data and machine learning, uses technology such as real-time temperature tracking sensors. The sensors help companies closely monitor food safety data points, ensuring efficient cold chain management. This data enables the supply chain to work together to become compliant with local and global regulations.

3.Enhanced consumer loyalty

Consumers have become more concerned on food quality and safety. They also demand for transparency from the companies they buy from. Therefore, implementing traceability across the whole supply chain helps food companies win business by driving consumer trust and loyalty. IoT solutions can help the food industry uncover ways to connect the food supply chain to real-time product data, creating endless opportunities for food manufacturers and retailers. Companies can find the benefits by finding and solving inefficiencies in the supply chain, meeting and exceeding food safety regulations, and providing transparency to consumers.


Sentenance can facilitate you to achieve these with a more affordable cost. Sentenance off you a full package to monitor your machine and meters as well as control and improve performance of them. The platform also includes a maintenance management feature to ensure that ensure that the whole supply chain your food production is managed in an effective manner. You can also apply our temperature sensors to improve your food safety. Our products range from a device with 1 temperature sensor to multiple temperature sensors.

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